Monday, August 7, 2017

The Cruise

My daughter is invited on her company's cruise--all expenses paid. It would be a nice getaway to warm waters at the beginning of the up coming winter. I think about her going, and even wonder if the timing will work so I can help babysit the kiddies.

As I ponder the possibilities, it hits me. The truth. The circumstances. Her position. Her education. Her role in the company--she can't go on this cruise. She would ruin it for everyone.

Imagine being on that cruise. Imagine staying up for the midnight buffet. Imagine loading that plate with nachos, cheesecake, mini pastries, a corned beef sandwich, sitting down with co-workers, whose plates are stacked even higher...and then the company's registered dietician walks by...

...the woman who consults with employees to help them adjust their diets, their habits, and become healthier people. The woman who teaches nutrition classes about food choices, portion control, and improving their lifestyle.

She needs to stay home.

Or does she?

A registered dietician, usually goes into the career because of her love for food: its taste, texture, aesthetics, healing properties, and comfort connection. She will be at the midnight buffet for her love of food and her curiosity. Perhaps it will be good for her fellow employees to see her there with a full plate too. Perhaps she will show the importance of balance and the necessity to dis-associate the pleasures of healthy, happy, and social eating with the emotion that drives us to unbalance--guilt.

Happy eating. On the cruise. I hope they even invite her to sit at their table.

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