Wednesday, July 12, 2017


In just a few minutes I will leave for a bridal shower for a darling woman.

Yet, I can't just think about the ceremony, presents, or promises made.

The groom brought a precious child into this marriage, and my young friend, embraced this child with her whole mother soul.

I've watched many friends do the same.

A friend who discovered her stepson didn't read well, began reading with him.

Another friend whose stepson shared custody with his father and his distant mother's house, two cities away~~when he needed to attend only one school, she drove him every day during his visits.

They put the stepmother-stereotype to shame.

When I'm surrounded by their goodness, I feel small and can only hope I would be up to the tasks my friends have embraced with so much love; I'm happy with those moments when I feel small, for that is when I have to look up, climb a ladder, stretch to see eye to eye, to feel heart to heart with these loving, selfless women-stepmothers.

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