Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Live Under A Rainbow

My mother sends her weekly letter to her children and grandchildren. How I look forward to my mother's thoughts. 

As a writing teacher, I believe when we write and share our fun experiences, we get to live them twice. When we write and share our sad experiences, we get to examine, sort out, write-therapy our way to solutions and understanding. 

When someone is willing to share their experiences, we benefit from their lessons-learned, from their joy, from the vicarious peek into their lives. I'm thankful Mom, at 79 years old has started writing.

In this week's email, Mom writes how she is driving with a woman who tells her about a favorite uncle. The woman speaks of him as having lived under a rainbow.  

He had lived a charmed life--everything seemed to go his way. Lady luck sat on his shoulder.

The said uncle was small for his age, but he ended up playing on the school basketball team that won the championship. He was part of the WWII wave of servicemen who came home to schooling on government grants. He earned a master's degree and was in the right place at the right time when he helped universities in Georgia work through their sports programs. This led to his help with the olympics all over the world. 

He lived under the rainbow.

I love the story, but I create my own interpretation: I don't think we just happen to live under the rainbow, but instead we make choices that place us under the beams of light with the proverbial pot 'o gold at the end; so why not choose to live life under the rainbow?

This choice is not necessarily the easy one. Life under the rainbow, is a recognition of wanting a better life. This quest may require sacrifice and hard work. Under the rainbow for one person might be the quest for education. For another it might be health choices. For another, under the rainbow might be a conscious choice to choose friends who are positive and motivating.

Life is a series of crossroads and questions: Should I do my homework? Stop and help a stranger? Stay on the diet and exercise program? Should I renew my passport?  Invite her to lunch? Should I apply for the advancement? Tell the truth or continue the lie? Blow the wad on a whim, or save it for a Broadway play?

Where is the rainbow? If you want to live under it, answer and act upon the question according to where it will take you.

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