Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dream For the Week

My dream came true today. Granted, it was simple, but sometimes simple dreams are best since the likelihood of fulfillment is stronger than that for a grandiose dream.

This kind of dream originated long ago, when my own children were small, and I had two absolutes for their development. The first absolute was that each child would be a good reader--if they happened to love reading, all the better. The second absolute was that each child would be a strong swimmer. Reading skills and swimming skills were important because I often felt as child, a heartache for the kids who lacked either: the child who was embarrassed while reading out loud in third grade; the kid who couldn't swim at the party cause he didn't know how.

To fulfill these absolutes, we visited the library regularly, read regularly, had reading charts, and birthday and Christmas presents included books.

We spent spring and summer in swim lessons and budgeted for a pool club membership. When we went on vacation, it usually meant hours in the water. I would watch my children's comfort in the water magically develop. Sometimes they started the week by holding on to the edge as they circled the pool; by week's end they were sprouting gills.

Four year old Ezra started his first day visit by standing in the shallow end, hesitant to venture beyond the steps. Day two he started swimming from one side of the pool to the other. Day three, he used broad strokes and ventured into the deep end floating on a foam noodle.

 Each day we talked about his increased level of swimming and while floating in the deep end, I had him look down. "Where are you?" I asked. He put his goggled eyes into the water and answered, "I'm in the deep end."

"What would you do if the noodle slipped out from under you?"

By day four he knew the answer.

"I'd swim to the edge."

"Do you want to practice right now?"


But that was Saturday morning.

By Saturday afternoon, he was jumping off the diving board and swimming to the edge all on his own. He'd reached a minimal level proficiency. He would be safe just in case.

My dream for the week had come true.

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