Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The One

It's the annual school walk-a-thon, and at ten minutes to eight o'clock, Anni calls me for a last minute pledge.

"Of course I'll sponsor you. How about a dollar a lap?"

Her mother had predicted Anni could make between 15 and 20 laps in the 20 minute time.

I hear Anni's mother in the background telling her to, "Say thank-you."

Anni responds to my dollar-a-pledge, "That's what my teacher pledged."

I'm not sure if this is a disappointment or if the teacher is a rock star.

In the background, I hear Anni's mother Say again, "Tell her thank you."

But Anni doesn't.

"Sometimes," I tell Anni, "I do something really nice for my students, and only a few say thank-you out of the many. I really appreciate the students who express gratitude."

"Like Jesus and the ten lepers," she surprises me with her biblical wisdom, "only one came back to say thank you."

"Always be the one," I reply.

"Yeah," she says, "thank you," and then she's off to school.

Given that Jesus' messages were the very bread of life and often accompanied by miracles, one concept was important enough to be included among the promises of eternal life--the need to give thanks, to show gratitude, to acknowledge the giver, to simply say, "Thank-you."

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