Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Booster

On a half-sunny morning, I walk the beach. Ahead of me--baby blue skies. Without a specific reason, I turn around and behind me is an entirely different morning: haze and fog. Shadows darken and silhouette people and dogs.

I turn quickly forward. Colorful and clear. The contrast between the two scenes, just a pivot away is shocking. Looking ahead differs from looking behind. It is a metaphorical moment: Sometimes, we only need a slight turn for a different perspective.

My sister had only purchased tickets for Come From Away a few weeks in advance, so the best tickets she could procure were front row. I was excited but nervous. So was she. We knew we might need a chiropractic neck adjustment the day following.
But we'd never think of complaining. This was Broadway.

As we entered the theatre with mystery and apprehension, we strode towards the front row. Oh my, I thought as I sat down. We could barely see over the edge of the stage. However, I stayed optimistic,--"It's a new way to experience theater," I assured Mom and Sister.

I remembered long ago sitting in front of children who had booster seats. We mentioned it to our theater neighbor also concerned about neck adjustments, and she took off to find the boosters.

We slid the hard plastic, made-for-child-size-bottoms under our own, the scene changed drastically. Once hidden and barely visible, we were now part of the play.

When the play ended, I realized this front-row experience was now my favorite. With the slightest adjustment, I could see clearly and my enjoyment tripled.

With our boosters, we had created another metaphorical moment. Only this time, instead of changing one's point of view by a shift in exposure, the metaphor finds its meaning in changing our physical surroundings--literally by lifting oneself higher.

A booster is: anything needed to see things better and more clear; an apparatus to change one's perspective; something that lifts.

A booster is also defined as an enthusiastic supporter. An enthusiastic supporter will always help us to see things more clearly. She will point out the positive among the negative. A booster will wipe away our tears, clarify our fears, and if needed boost us onto her shoulders for a clearer view.

Everyone needs a booster in their lives, so find one~~~better yet~~~be the booster.

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