Thursday, April 20, 2017


Mom and I are headed to La Jolla on the 5 North, and for the first time ever (that we can remember), we are surrounded by a sea of yellow flowers. The freeway berms, the shoulder--vibrant yellow. So different from the California drought that's left the state dry and flowerless for years. Lawns left to die, orange groves plowed under, water reserves at record lows.

It isn't just the yellow flowers trimming the freeway. Ice plants are in bloom with purple flowers. I've noticed flowering trees that have never flowered before. I even find a news article about droves of people traveling to the desert to enjoy the unexpected bloom abundance. Rain has transformed the landscape from dull greens and browns to flashy rainbow hues.

Life is a landscape too~~in need of nurturing and rain as much as the earth~~only, the rain we need isn't just moisture. We need rain, but what is our rain? What quenches thirst, what nurtures personal growth and happiness?

Could it be serving others? Earning a masters degree or attending yoga class? Awareness, acts of kindness, patience, overcoming a quick temper?

When we figure out what our rain is,

Let it rain, let it pour.