Friday, April 21, 2017

New York City

First stop is Bravo kosher pizza, a hole in the wall a few blocks from the flagship New York Macy's department store. I've been dreaming about this pizza for six months--a slice of the Grandma Sicilian. The crunch in this crust is primo magnificio! It's Italy meets Israel in a basement.

The next morning-it's a race to Central Park. The shift from city of concrete, asphalt and glass, to the hub of nature: rocky outcrops  for a fling of "par cour," fields of dark green grass, a reservoir Jackie O used to circle--ah the history, the respite, a moment of silence we wouldn't enjoy except for the foresight of Olmstead and Vaux. A climb to the top of the hill for that iconic "snow globe" view from the center of green to towering buildings. I love Central Park!

In my head I see Eva Gabor singing, "Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue," Eddie Albert on the farm.

The theatre! Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard, Bette Midler in Hello Dolly, Come From Away (more on this gem later), and Up On Your Feet.

New York City. How I miss it, how I enjoy breakfast from a fruit cart, from Norma's; black &white cookies, unparalleled stage talent, running in Central Park, waking up to horn honks, sirens; pseudo living-high at the Baccarat.

After five days, high prices, dirty streets, the sad truth of homelessness, waking up from incessant horn honking heard on the 7th floor, convincing the fruit man I don't need more fruit, the squeeze of millions of people in small spaces--I'll be ready to go home.

Six months--I'l be ready to return.