Thursday, April 6, 2017


On the morning of our departure from Chicago, Mandi and her family were a little melancholy until we opened the door to take out luggage, and she checked the mailbox. Waiting for her household, was a thick manilla envelope from their Disneyland coordinator.

Yes!! There is such a thing as a Disneyland coordinator. It is a free service, but there is a slew of other Disney comforts available for those willing to pay--even guides to enhance the Magic Kingdom walk-about, ride-about, experience.

Once four-year-old Ezra knew the Disney packet had arrived, the departing guests were a distraction to the future adventure of his life. Grandma and Grandpa who? Even Mandi seemed a little anxious now that Disney magic had graced their home.

The Disneyland information-packet arrival was perfect timing.

We were all home when Paloma's highly anticipated package finally arrived. It wasn't just any package, but a package containing a highly symbolic instrument to her future life.

She unwrapped it carefully. She paused. Took a deep breath, then lifted out her very own, very first, stethoscope. She examined, tinkered; she listened to her heartbeat.

When I was a small girl, illness took me from my socially exhilarating sixth grade life. Briefly bed bound, home bound, my excitement came from a new source: the mail.

I had become a stamp collector, and all too frequently the Kenmore Stamp Company sent stamps. Stuck in my pajamas, stamp collecting offered a periscope view into exotic locales beyond my pink princess canopy bed.

Even to this day, the mail brings a kind of enchantment. An unexpected letter arrives, and without an inkling, I'm suddenly aware someone was thinking of me. Days before.

Since Amazon prime, the mailbox, the porch, are frequently graced with packages.

I open the front door and bend over to pick up a brown wrapped box, Ah, what mystery could be within this box? A longed for book, tubes for Tony's bike, and look at this, Tony ordered another set of bowls with snap on lids--online shopping and mail delivery fulfill our fetishes quickly.

Knowing the surprise and fun a package brings, I need to send thank-you's to the kind people in my life--so, my gratitude will come in the mail with hopes the recipients are as delighted as I will have anticipated.