Sunday, April 16, 2017

He is Risen

For a week, I shopped and purchased Easter egg fillers--candy from Fizzywiggles: candied bunnies, strawberry lambs, jellied Easter shapes. I added little lego-type toys, quarters and dimes, a few bills, and Cadbury eggs. I filled a box for the Chicago kids and sent it last Monday.

Wanting something special for Tony, since he would be helping me hide 159 eggs, I ordered croissants from Williams Sonoma--chocolate and plain, the croissants that come closest to Julians, just a cobbled road turn off the Rue de Rivoli.

 Pj and I shopped for the ingredients to make cheese stuffed pears, falafel, guacamole, deviled eggs, cottage cheese pies, and sprinkle infused rice krispy treats. Holly offered to bring the Caesar salad. We were all set!

So much thought and preparation, yet our thoughts for an Easter celebration were as empty as the discarded plastic eggs.

This morning I received a poignant reminder. After a long struggle, my friend's father left his cancer racked body. I thought about her last night and hoped it would be soon, if possible on Easter so that day would always remind her of the imminence of her father's resurrection too. The Savior's life in its entirety is meant to be a pattern--a pattern how to live, a pattern for course and direction. He was baptized so we could follow his example, he served so we could follow his example; he loved so we would follow his example; he died and came forth from the grave as a resurrected being so we too may know life is perpetual--life continues. Life is eternal. There is a separation, but that separation is but a moment.

He lives. We will live, and on this day the most important thing to remember amidst dyed eggs, coconut cakes, and egg hunts, even the beautiful church choir, we need to remember is unequivocally--

He is risen.