Saturday, April 22, 2017

Come From Away

"It's a play that's good for the soul."

When I read the play synopsis, I knew we had to take a risk. I hadn't read a review, no one had made a recommendation, it hadn't created a Hamilton buzz. The play was simply about people caring for strangers in crisis. A 9-11 crisis. The 9-11 crisis. 

After the planes crashed into Twin Towers, the pentagon, a field in Pennsylvania, all flights are banned from landing in the United States; for the first time in history, the FAA closes American airspace. Over three thousand planes are forced to land. Thirty eight land in Gandor Newfoundland. 

This is the story. A population of 9000 people who take in 7000 strangers, foreigners, babies, animals. Gandor and the surrounding towns, feed, clothe, and house the stranded travelers for four days.

I spend the entire play with tears in my eyes or laughing with gusto. The playwrights have perfectly blended comedic relief with sorrow.

As the man behind us says, "It's a play that's good for the soul."

Get tickets before it becomes the next Hamilton--and you can't.