Friday, April 28, 2017


We receive a Saturday afternoon text from our daughter: Thanks for always being such forgiving parents.

Tony responds matter of factly: Our pleasure. You are easy to love!!

I have a different and somewhat silly reaction: Ho ho ho. Always Christmas when we forgive. Meaning, it would have been a burden not to forgive a child, our child.

Then I worry she isn't talking about the past. I shoot back, What did you do?

Nothing now, just when I was younger. 

Best time to make mistakes, I respond.

Best time to make mistakes was In our youth--when I was younger.

But really, the best time to make mistakes is in the past. Yesterday, last month, years ago. When we recognize, repent, recoup, the mistake is in the past, behind us. We've learned the lesson, apologized, made amends.

Here is why it's so important to exile those mistakes to the past--because, we will always make mistakes, and if we fail to acknowledge and act, the mistake becomes a side car to our present. The mistake lingers, tortures, and it can't be left behind--and behind is the best only location for mistakes.

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