Friday, March 10, 2017

Litmus Test

When I prepare to leave the house, I most often fret about what I'm going to wear. Especially if I'm teaching: are my clothes clean, is this dress long enough, does the shirt button high enough? Is this too tight? Too loose? Do I match? Am I dressing too young? Too old? Does my hair look like it's brushed?

So when I won't be standing in front of critical-eyed students, I give myself latitude.

Need to run to the grocery for that one item on a winter morning? It takes two seconds to realize I can stay in my pajamas if I wear my long black coat. That same winter coat makes me bold enough to quick-shop without a bra.

This afternoon I stepped out of the shower and had that insta-panic when I had to think about what to wear, but, it vanished when I focused on why I was going out: to the matinee. With two friends. A mid-afternoon luxury when I wouldn't have to care about what I wore. T would be in her sweats and S, well I've known her for 25 years...if she was dressed nice, it wouldn't matter how I compared.

I slipped on jeans and pulled a big, soft shirt from the closet shelf. Almost ready for the laundry, it was fine for one more wear.

Comfort-shabby-wear. The litmus test for true friendship.