Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Big Trucks

"What day does the garbage truck come?" Theo's mother asks him.

His eyes widen in anticipation of everyone's response, "Monday."

Laughs all around. Why is his connection and obsession so adorable?

As a child, the most common, mundane and uninteresting circumstance is an event to little Theo.

Having spent a few days in the past week in little Theo's company, including one homebound day when temperatures hovered at 23 degrees and were so cold that not even two rambunctious little boys wanted to go outside and play-- even I became enchanted with the mundane.

Theo's house sits on a corner and even though it is tucked deep into a residential area, it has the rare excitement of passing trucks: the mail truck, the UPS truck, the bottled water truck, and of course the garbage truck on Monday. Oh! I almost forgot the school buses that rumble past four times a day.

Each time one of these large vehicles pass, whether we are deep within the bowels of the basement or in the family room watching Bob the Builder (yes we can!) Theo hears its gears grinding to a stop, the acceleration of its big engine. His reactionary routine is predictable. His eyes light up. His attention is diverted from the present. He goes into a happy panic. He runs to the window closest to the calculated movement of the big truck. Fortunately, there is a stop sign, a curve in the road and windows on every wall and corner of the house. Theo usually makes it in time to point and to be enthralled, and to make sure I am equally impressed--and I am, because:

Enthusiasm is contagious!*!~!*!

LOOK! A big yellow bus!