Friday, February 10, 2017

My Fun, Witty, Food Loving Friends

A man plans to take his wife to his favorite barbecue joint, Red Hot and Blues. He discovered the restaurant while on a business trip to Tennessee with some of his male buddies. The man and his wife don't live in Tennessee, but he is thrilled when he discovers a Red hot and Blues near his home in Washington DC. Their trip to DC involves other things, but the highlight is definitely the meal at the Red Hot and Blues for some pulled pork.

He is excited as he pulls into his favorite restaurant, as his wife is in for a special treat as this is her first introduction to Red Hot and Blues. For weeks he''s been thinking about what he's going to order: the time-honored and obvious choice-the Tennessee triple. On his recommendation, his wife orders the pulled pork. The man is having a wonderful time indulging in his tasty BBQ and listening to Blues classics.

Midway through the meal he notices his wife might be enjoying the fresh, hot bread more than the pork.

Upon leaving, his wife comments that the restaurant was pretty good, "If you're in the mood for BBQ."

This sounds like a backhanded compliment to her husband who so loved the experience. Having assumed that his wife would love the place as much as he did, he dug up his standard, good-humored defense and told her that he hoped that in taking her to Red Hot and Blues, he hadn't just cast pearls before swine.

Without missing a beat, she replied, "It was more like casting swine before a pearl."

To which he could say nothing, it being both a true and witty retort, and a reminder of his greatest pearl: his wife.