Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Time And Fruit

My teaching partner knows I'm still a little tender hearted from the time I spent with orphans in Ecuador. She also knows I'm home furiously preparing for the next five weeks, so her text reads, "How are you feeling today?"

"I'm still in my pajamas eating macadamia nuts interspersed with yellow cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting."

At 7:42 p.m., I was still in my pajamas, and had eaten a lot of cake.  I was in mourning and open rebellion against the snow (all day gloom), and my fruit options of only oranges and apples. For which I should have been grateful...but...

How I miss the fruit from Ecuador. The furry, the mucousy, the black dotted. Dragon fruit (or pita-hia--forgive my Spanish name guessing), rambuton, guavas, papaya. Easy snacks to grab and enjoy because like most people, when I'm hungry and busy- busy, I go for what's available. Hungry and busy-busy on the pajama day, I only found rice, cake, a little bit of curry, peppermint covered pretzels and macadamia nuts. My diet for the entire day and for which I felt sick.

In Ecuador, when I was hungry and busy-busy, I basked in the generosity of the equator fruit-growing weather. The massive fruit market was only a 15 minute taxi ride away and its wares were fruit heaven.

 Star fruit
 Dragon fruit 
 The inside of a dragon fruit

 Monkey brains or grenadier in Espanol, or a cousin of the Hawaiian lilikoi
 The outside
A fruit I have never before experienced. My favorite by far. Tangy, sweet. Some bites tasted like cherry-almond. How much better these were than the cake I ate today.
When I do have time:  baby Brussels sprouts in a Coronado farmer's market. 

Fortunately, the cake is gone, since my palette and health cannot take anymore abuse. It's been four days of rebellion against the common foods of the Northern Hemisphere and it has to end.

It did. Tuesday, I made up for my foibles with carrot juice, apples, salad, tofu, and pumpkin seeds. I'm even grateful.