Monday, January 16, 2017

The Face of God

Today I read in one of the quiet rooms. Quiet, because the children are non responsive. Sinad's body is so twisted he can't sit in a chair, so he lays on a mat and scoots around with great exertion. He has a feeding tube. Brian is limited to his chair; he is covered by a blanket and only his gnarly hands and arms are exposed.

Jorge groans and scoots on bent and shriveled legs, but the past few mornings he's been in a kind of slumber. Lewis walks around in his own world, but at least he can walk around. He doesn't communicate unless I count the time when he took my hand and kissed it.

Reading to the children requires faith. Faith and hope that in spite of not understanding the language, they will hear the cadence, the rhythm, and beauty. Least of all, that they may comprehend I am trying to bring variety and a slice of attention to their day. Faith requires action usually without consequence. We serve God with hope that God exists. We pray with faith he is listening, and how often we pray with faith that we will be answered.

One of Jesus' eight beatitudes is: Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. I've always thought this was about me and about a quest to see the literal face of God--whether in this life or death, I am unsure, and there is no promise. It depended on me becoming as pure hearted as possible; but to see the face of God would require a pure heartedness I feel incapable of becoming. But I now have a different take on seeing the face of God~~as we strive to become more pure hearted, we see the face of God in the children of God. In the faces of the quiet.