Monday, January 23, 2017

Post Travel Stories and Discovery

Tony is bombarded with our travel stories. Yet, the stories aren't typical reports of country, culture, or touring; our stories are about the special needs children with whom we spent our two weeks.

 We tell him about Roman who would never smile, but always seemed to be plotting his escape. We tell him about the song Martin composed for the group and how Paloma felt when they gave him a standing ovation and he could hardly contain his delight. We tell Tony about the little girl we could have brought home and made our own~~little Dayana who when through with a task would say, "No mas," in her sweet little voice.

London's favorite was an autistic boy who walked and held tactile objects to his lips. He body slammed him twice but also gave him hugs.

I loved to read to Brian who could only respond with groans and a smile as deep and wide as the Grand Canyon.

We all loved Sin-Nacho, as the tias called him. He couldn't sit and each day was placed on the mat where he left puddles of drool. Each of us, separately learned that Sin-Nacho would respond after we stroked his forehead or cheeks, with a smile.

Bless Tony for his patience. He understands that people have changed our world--not the barbecued guinea pig, the zip-lining, standing in the shadow of a volcano, nor the ice cream at Tutto Freedos. It's the people who impact our lives, for better or worse, and it is the better on which I want to focus, because it's the easiest life-impacting-road to take.

What possibly could make it easy? Simply...seeing the best in the people we encounter, associate with, and love. The simple demonstrations of trust, of I believe, of listening to the person. Looking him or her in the eye, noticing strengths, individuality, and qualities.

It has nothing to do with oneself and that is precisely what makes it so easy. Thinking of oneself is hard. We see our flaws, our longings that can never be met, we wish for that which cannot be fulfilled. We want to be in better places of spirituality and position. We find that we lack and want more. When self-absorbed, we are distracted from light and like a black hole, are sucked into darkness. We become aware of other's flaws and that we aren't being treated as well as we deserve. It's all very, very, hard business.

Choose the easy way. Turn towards the sun, the light, the happy. Turn towards others.

We were all so happy in Ecuador, in the orphanages, our energy and love turned towards the little ones who needed all we were capable of giving--and in the giving we were the happiest.