Saturday, January 7, 2017

Murky Water


The plane hits the runway and jostles its weary passengers.

"Welcome to Miami. On behalf of our flight crew..."

The words hardly have meaning as I contemplate the three hours of pseudo sleep I've haven't had while sitting in a cramped seat.

Why do I do these things? The answer is always like an unseen rock beneath murky water. At first glance, or at the moment of extreme tiredness,  it's unclear. Very shortly, the dirt settles and the water clears, and I know--we know. That murkiness comes (at some point), with every worthy endeavor (raising children, getting an education, volunteering at a shelter, etc. etc.).

I am here for experience. More especially for the growth that will come to a group of students from this experience. We are on our way to Cuenca Ecuador where we will work in five different orphanages over a period of two weeks.

Years ago, a doctor and his family volunteered their vacation time to help in an understaffed orphanage. Much to their dismay, they were asked not to hold nor love the children. The reason, they were told, was that the children wouldn't get the same attention and love once the volunteers left-- not enough time nor manpower.

 The doctor and his family had an answer: provide a steady stream of volunteers to love and care for Ecuadorian children--hence, our purpose over the next two weeks.

Besides playing soccer, besides hand-feeding handicapped children, besides putting on puppet shows and painting nails, cooking our own meals, we'll also explore the Amazon. The Orphanage Support group understands the importance of mixing play with, well...a little discomfort, at least until the dirt settles and we see the rock under the once murky water~~ was always a diamond.