Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cheap Thrills, Deep Thrills

It was a rather exciting day in Ecuador! Our first activity was zip lining superman style across a gorge  with a 500 foot drop. We flew over a pounding waterfall, then zip lined back to the other side. As if that wasn't enough, we also took a cable car across and back. The thrill of the cable car was that it topped nd jerked forward. Just enough uncertainty to make an experience delightfully frightful.

Just up the road, a short bus ride and a short strenuous hike, Devil's Cauldron awaited. Oh the power of water and my imagination that put me at the bottom of the hundreds of feet high waterfall. I did not survive. The water was a constant explosion shooting out water shrapnel. We had to crouch in the cave walkway that winded along the mountainside and brought us to the very top drop of the waterfall. The brave thing to do was to stick one's head into the spray. Daring, bold, and yes, a little silly. Impossible to stay dry.

We returned to the hotel for dry clothes and a walk to dinner through the charming Park City like town of Banos. It is surrounded by green mountains that shoot straight up giving an impression that we are surrounded by giants. Waterfalls shoot from the  mountainsides.

As the day winded down, one of the students said, "I can't wait to get back to the children."