Sunday, January 1, 2017

Cause And Effect

"Happy New Year!" The stranger on the beach said as she passed by.

Caught off guard, I managed to barely wish her the same. It's New Year's Eve day--I hadn't thought of the significance of this day--until now, and immediately New Year's resolutions entered my mind--and not with welcoming arms.

I pooh, poohed the idea because long ago, I adopted my own style of improvement, and it was far superior to making a bunch of resolutions I couldn't keep past January 7--if even that long. I had worked out a much better plan and it entailed waking up everyday with the attitude of starting anew, of starting over. Of doing better, of being better. I think it's worked...or rather, I don't think that much about it, and herein may be the problem, or the un-measurable loss. Or perhaps the un-measurable gain.

Eeek! So here I am ready to commit to New Year's goals--and I'm scared. Afraid of commitment, and most of all failure. Without making written-down, tangible goals, I can never fail. The evidence is never entered into court. A paper trail never to haunt. No wicked email evidence.

Yet, the forces were against (or for) me and after watching and re-watching the video of Teddy on Christmas Day discovering the concept of remote control, the button pushing cause and spinning effect, I was convinced I was missing out on my own cause and effect, more specifically the benefit of making and keeping New Year's goals.

As I contemplate the resolutions I must make by today, I also contemplate the possibilities and calculate how I can succeed. I must also calculate for interim failures and ponder on how to re-boot when it happens.

I'm really going to take this seriously, so:

1. The goal must be meaningful
2. It must be a stretch
3. It can't take a whole year--who has the patience?
4. It has to have measurable increments
5. Perhaps a reward at the end?

Happy New Year--because isn't that the goal: HAPPY-- and nothing makes us happier than, growing, achieving and becoming the person who lives up to her dreams.

There! I'm convinced. First New Year's goal accomplished.