Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Warning: If You Can Still Stand To Read About Politics

I keep wanting post-election political talk to go the way of hoola hoops, Volkswagen beetles, and cream of mushroom soup casseroles.

I just want to read the New York Times without having to wade through more anti-Trump articles--do they know he's the president elect and it is likely not to change?

I want to go back to the sane conversations with friends and family that no longer include political rhetoric. I want to hear my intelligent democrat friends focus on their ideals, dreams, and accomplishments and not their doomsday whining. I cringe when they publicly write about a newly-elected fascist. I want my intelligent republican friends to...well, actually, they're not saying least they are open about their concerns now that they've been heard. Remember the phrase: Be careful what you wish for? However, they are, I am, cautiously optimistic about Trump's actions. The disparity still exists in what Trump says he is doing and what the news is reporting. What a shame, who to blame?

Now that it's over--even the stilted recount, I want balance. I want checks and balance. I want truth instead of fear mongering, lies and wikileaks. I want to see proof, not unverifiable quotes. I'm tired of Trump f-bombs and saddened to hear his Manhattan-living children are plagued with outbursts from the disappointed.

Realizing the fight isn't over and has probably just begun, I've buckled in and bucked up...I may want to put my head in the sand, but it would be foolish. Even though I revolt at the thought of engaging in going-nowhere political conversations, I'm keeping my ear to the ground and trying to wade through the aftermath--desperately trying to use and hang on to my own logic, keeping a balance in what I read and absorb. In seeking this balance I've listened to the post election reflection held at Harvard University, a gathering of media heavy weights and the Clinton and Trump election brains. Both teams gave their perspectives on why the election turned out the way it did.

I've added the president elect to my Twitter feed, along with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the Trump twitter feed which reports all things negative and positive--for balance, for checks and balances. Hillary has been silent since November 26, but Bernie keeps pushing for justice and keeps his negative cracks to a minimum. I like what Trump tweets, but the counter revolution would say it's all lies.

How does the average woman sort through a political dark alley?

The only concession, promise, or hope I have is that ~time will tell.

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