Monday, December 26, 2016

The Magic Pink Gloves

Last January, I bought five pairs of delicious Italian gloves in Florence Italy. I had finally gotten the hang of Christmas shopping in advance, and the gloves were picked by color and size for my daughters and me.

The leather was out-of-this-world soft; the colors were deep and rich: a dark madeira plum, a turquoise, a powder blue, a classic red, and a rosy pink. I let my daughters choose their favorite color, and their choices mostly aligned with what I had imagined. The pair left was rosy pink.

As I pictured those gloves on my hands, a pop of pink, contrasted with my black winter coat, I thought of the nice gloves I already had, and the true spirit of Christmas wouldn't be keeping those gloves but giving them away. Who should I give them to? For whom would it be a meaningful gift? For both she and me? After all, I was giving up a treasured possession...

She popped into my head the minute I asked. At this point, it was easy to relinquish the gloves~~it was the true spirit of Christmas!

I wrapped the gloves in beautiful paper, in a beautiful box, and tied it with a gold ribbon. I wrote a card explaining how much this woman meant to me.

Tony waited in the car as I rang the doorbell. I didn't hear it, and wondered if it worked. I thought of ringing the bell again, but there was a slight shift in my focus. I can't pinpoint exactly what it was, but somehow I knew it had to be a quiet gift. I gently laid the box behind a wooden Christmas tree on the porch. It was a little hidden, but I didn't want someone walking by, to take the gift.

When I jumped in the car, Tony said, "You need to text her and let her know the gift is on her porch, otherwise, she won't see it."

I nodded my head, but I knew I wasn't going to text her. At the time, it seemed like the gift would be more about me than her: Look what I I I let on the porch for you.

All along there was a different plan in motion.

The next morning, Christmas Eve day, I got a text from my friend. I'm emailing you about your gift.

It hardly deserves an email, I wrote back.

It sort of does. So, I waited for her email.

The email was sacred and a reminder of what the true spirit of Christmas really is.

In part, the email read:

Subject: The Magic Pink Gloves

Thank you so much for the gloves. It was so weird because I went to bed at 11 and I was so tired that it almost hurt. It was hard to unwind and my head hurt. We just barely put up our tree yesterday. Tried to make a fun family activity of it by picking one out at the lot together since all the kids are home.  Anyway, I woke back up at 12:30 just super stressed about everything I had to do to pull Christmas off. We are having 17 for dinner. I'm feeling a lot of pressure. When I woke up, I felt awful. I got up to get some Tylenol and I noticed the porch light was on, which was weird because it hasn't gone on for a few days and I thought we needed to change the bulb. I looked out the window to see if it was snowing and I saw your cute package. The Italian pink gloves and the card and the joke just lifted my spirits so much. I went back to bed and just realized that I need to chill out. What gets done gets done and what doesn't doesn't. The most important thing is I need to be present and enjoy the days with the kids without killing myself to make it special for them. I realized I had been going about it wrong. 

 The Christmas spirit is the hand of God~~who knew it would be discovered in the magic pink gloves.

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