Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Christmas Ball Rolls Again

One of our Christmas Eve day errands was the fabric store.

Paloma helped me pick out six different bolts: gingerbread men, bright bows on a black background, polka dotted mini Christmas trees, bright green and red combinations.

"What are you making with the fabric?" The nice lady who was cutting our yards of fabric asked.

"It's for our Christmas ball," I answered.

"Your what?"

Three years ago, a neighbor mentioned her Christmas ball tradition. I'd never heard of a Christmas ball and she invited me to her home for an explanation. She pulled out a box of neat and precisely cut strips of Christmas fabric. She showed me the small trinkets, an exact number of each one, chosen for the grandchildren who would unroll the Christmas ball.

As lovely as it was, I knew our Christmas ball would never be like hers. And it never has been. I'm not a precise nor stream-lined kind of person. Yet, we would still have a Christmas ball!!

This year's Christmas ball was as lopsided and homespun as it could ever be--mismatched and filled with surprises and laughs. And money! An iTune card! Cookies! Candies, photos and super balls with blinking-light fish. A Pez candy dispenser, a Tide on-the-go stain remover. A Nordstrom note! A piece of homemade candy.

I made two this year. One for the grown up children without children and one for the grandchildren--or so I had intended...Christmas Eve, I decided it would be more fun for all the adults to sit on the floor, great grandma included, and each of us would take several turns at rolling the ball.

Christmas ball #1

Christmas ball # 2 action shot

The only problem with the Christmas ball is that it ends. The final roll brings a sigh of sadness~~like Christmas, like all things good and joyful. And then begins, the next pursuit of goodness, joy, and adventure. Or...taking down the Christmas decorations.  Sigh....

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