Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Papaya and Shorts to Pomegranates and Thermals

Overnight, from here

 to here.
It all happens too quickly. Or so it seems.

Within six hours, I can be in a different time zone thousands of miles away with a temperature that varies by 60 degrees. I can go from sun-warmed sand to snow outside my window. Oh the marvel and speed of change.

Yet, when I think of the convenience and miracle of travel, I have to slow way down and remember this possibility didn't happen overnight. The first controlled flight of a power driven plane didn't occur until 1903. Before, there were decades of dreams, attempts, and failures.

My amazing overnight flight was at least 113 years in the making.

In the making...
...is a very curious phrase.

At any given moment...I am in the making...of what? What am I becoming? All the dreams, attempts, and failures are contributing to the making of what and who I am.

Already in my mid-fifties, it's a little different when I consider the becoming of myself. It's such a different consideration when we are in our twenties and thirties. Yet, in the making, starts at birth and can continue throughout our entire life.

It's exciting to think I am still in the making. The possibilities are endless.

I'll only be finished--when I'm finished.

Yet, finished is relative; and since I have a strong belief in life after death, in the making is possibly an eternal effort.

If in the making is an eternal effort, then maybe Jesus' admonition found in Matthew 5:48, Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect, isn't so far-fetched?

It is impossible to be or even become a perfect human being; the human condition, the fallen human state, we can never achieve perfection,  yet this is exactly what Jesus commands. But what IF I have a hundred years to progress, to be  in the making~~hmmm, I don't think so. But what could I become after a thousand years in the making? ~~perfect? No way, becomes a longshot, a maybe, even a possible reality.

Long ago, no one could have imagined a person could go from sunshine and shorts to snow and thermals in six short hours...but we do.

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