Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Nature's Peculiarities

On a beach walk over a two mile stretch, I count 23 sea turtles! I've never seen so many sea turtles in my life.  To come upon one is a treat, an encounter with two brings a surprised grin, three, an ecstatic level of consciousness, but 23?!! I come upon a clump of four; I look down the beach and see a row of turtles evenly spaced in the sand.

They come to shore to lay eggs and also to bask in the sun and rest.

Oh how I want to get close to a resting sea turtle--to stroke its back, to watch its lazy eyes, to feel the course scales on its legs; but to interfere with a Hawaiian sea turtle is taboo and can carry a $100,000 fine. Turtles are an endangered species--all the more reason to celebrate the pack of 23. What if they were the last 23 turtles?

A long time ago, a friend suggested every human being had a role in designing the earth--an astounding idea that lead me to ponder the possibilities. Initially, if it were true, I knew I'd helped to imagine oceans, or perhaps clouds, but as I continued down that mystical path, I realized it would have to be much more refined and specialized than "oceans," or "clouds." Given the earth's population over all time would number in the billions, there would have to be billions of design possibilities. As I become more familiar with the earth's diversity, the amount of species of sea turtles (7), and whales (90), orchids (70,000 hybrids and cultivars), pollinators (200,000), flora and fauna yet undiscovered, could it be possible? The microscopic world contains perhaps billions of species we'll never discover, but which may still be critical to the earth's functions. 

The skin of a rambutan. Did you know inside the furry plastic shell was a delicious fruit?
How unique is the vertical climb of this snail? Only a person with a sense of humor could have imagined this.

A fungus?

And thoughts? Are thoughts created before an epiphany. Do they already exist floating in space until one lands in the general vicinity of one's mind? How many ideas and inventions have yet to land?

I love this earth. Its animals, terrain, its people. Is my love in part from helping in its creation?