Friday, December 23, 2016

Fixing It

My Christmas present is happening right now in the downstairs bathroom.

It started as a simple request, "Mom, what do you want for Christmas?" Always a hard question when dealing with one's children, so I tried to keep it simple.

"How about towels for the downstairs guest bath?"


"You could even buy a new piece of art. Nothing expensive. See what the discount store has. You could even paint it if you wanted."

Daughters eyes bulge.

"I should get a new faucet. And a sink."

I never had time to pick out a new faucet or sink, and besides, I figured the Moen teardrop faucet was so old, it was about to come back in style. It took vinyl 30 years, and the faucet is at least 33 years old.

Time was actually on my side.

The gregarious newlyweds took the challenge. They are downstairs taping the bathroom readying it for its first coat of primer. What color will it be?

I have no idea. I gave them complete control, absolute monarchal reign over the downstairs throne room.

I am banned from the hallway until Christmas morning, and I've sworn compliance. I even promised to get to the garage by leaving out the front door. I can do anything for two days.

A few times, the inevitable what if? has entered my mind. What if they paint it orange? Or black? Naaah....have faith. It is fun letting go.

If it's horrible, I'll wait six months, and hire a painter. We'll all be relieved.

The power to let go (on really a trivial thing), is in part because I keep hearing my cousin (the million dollar account interior decorator), say, "There's nothing that can't be fixed." She's spent a lifetime of fixing design mistakes.

Her words have stayed with me longer and have had a broader application than I ever expected. Except for death and a few other catastrophes, in the general state of existence, truly, there's nothing that can't be fixed.

I keep this in mind when grape juice is spilled on the custom green polka dot bench. I keep this in mind when a child reports a fender bender. I keep this in mind when I've been impatient and snapped. I keep this in mind with estranged relationships. There's nothing that can't be fixed,~~ the hardest part is first fixing myself-by being humble, by checking myself, by just getting in there and fixing it!

End product photo forthcoming...just two days until Christmas.

Postscript/follow-up: The gift givers couldn't wait until Christmas morning. Once the bathroom re-paint, re-decoration was finished, they were boiling over with excitement to give--isn't that the true spirit of Christmas. And.....

they painted it white!  And soft blue. They took the ocean palette and the sand colored vanity surface.

I love it. 

Sometimes when you do it right, it doesn't have to be fixed.

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