Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Real Face

I recently heard on an Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra meditation, a few words between Oprah and Franciscan Fryer Father Richard Roar. The gist of the conversation was "Each one of  us fabricates a false self based on our race, career, financial status, and physical appearance. This is the public view." The Fryer countered this with the idea that "the real self exists partly to help people survive in the real world. But within all of us exists, the face we had before we were born or as many people believe our true soul." He calls it our immortal diamond. Our goal should be a continual connection to that immortal diamond.

When I first heard this I was walking along the mountainside on a late October afternoon. The sun was shining and I was gloriously warm. The words "the face we had before" grabbed my heart in a full embrace. I was bear--hugged by truth. I stopped and smiled heavenward.

I believe in a primordial life or a pre existence. In that life we lived with our Father in Heaven and basked and learned in his light and his love. We were with loved ones too. I have had other-worldly experiences that assure me of this truth. I have no doubt, so when I hear references from people such as Richard Roar, I feel joy that other people have discovered this phenomenon that seems to have been lost from the wisdom of the world.

How can we possibly ever see the "face we had before we were born?"

There is a way. It is not found in a special mirror or in searching for that face. It is found when we are true to our own humanness and to humanity. When we love, when we give, when we hit the "submit"  button on a Go Fund Me campaign that will bring Christmas to children in Haiti. We see our real face in the little things. In a smile, in sharing French fries. In buying a meal for the man on the street. Choosing kindness over curtness. In praying for charity and feeling its influence replace anger.

The face we had before we were born is still there--only masked by earthly dirt that layers and builds mountains.