Tuesday, November 29, 2016

PSA For Kitchen Safety

Each time I am asked, "How was your Thanksgiving?" I have to weigh whether or not to be honest.

The inquiry has lost its sincerity in the same way "How are you?" has. We all answer fine, and I suspect no one asks how Thanksgiving went, really wanting to know how it went. No one wants to hear the turkey was dry, the in-laws were chummy, the uncle was difficult, and it was the worst holiday ever. Even so, I have confided in a few people, and each time I explain briefly what happened, the person to whom I have engaged, also has a kitchen disaster story.

It's PSA time.

Person #1 was carrying a pan of boiling water, turned around, caught her arm on something and spilled the water. Her burns were second degree and only on the top of her foot, but walking was difficult as was sleeping.

Person #2 remembers heating oil on top of the stove. She left the room, came back to a flame engulfed pot, ran to the pot and pushed it off the burner. The hot oil spilled on the dog, her mom and herself.

Person #3's memory was of her own mom having burned her hands so bad in a kitchen accident that later in life, the thin skin on her hands became painful and she had to wear gloves.

Person#4: My own mother. As a seven year old, she and her little brother were burning garbage. A piece was thrown, caught by the wind and landed on my mother's stomach. Her mother rushed outside after having seen the accident from the kitchen window. Her mother love was so intense that she put the fire out with her own hands, and she too suffered severe burns. My mom was put to sleep for three days and spent six months laying on her back in a bed moved into the living room.

We no longer burn our own garbage so the single solution is to never cook again.

Or maintain the pots in one's kitchen. Periodically check to make sure handles aren't worn down and are still securely attached. Recycle old pots and pans.

Or cook in small quantities, and always make sure there is an uncluttered path for moving hot pans and food.

Make sure children are not in the kitchen or near a stove or oven when cooking.

Pay attention. Safety depends on it.