Saturday, November 12, 2016

Only Tidbits and Anecdotes From the 2016 Political Shift

My sister tries to continue the political conversation by sending a well crafted essay on the history of the vote, but my mom can only respond with, "Sorry, but I'm politicked out."

Most of us are, yet the conversation continues--as it should, and I've been corresponding and  listening... 

*In a conversation with a friend whose sister lives in Michigan and who is a part of the auto industry, she said they voted Trump because of the trade agreements that killed the American auto industry. 

Trump hit on the issues that pockets of America were suffering from--perhaps each economic issue wasn't enough to address on a national level, but giving credence to each region's suffering became cumulative...maybe he is smarter than we wanted to acknowledge. Maybe his business acumen is real and when applied, he will help make America great again....couldn't resist the slogan.

*My nephew works in a gay bar/restaurant in Washington DC and was one of the 11,000 votes for Mr. Trump. While working on election night, my nephew served a small party who were there to celebrate the election of Mrs. Clinton. A political conversation ensued, and the party asked their waiter for whom he voted.  When my nephew told the truth, the party chided him, but he stood up for his well -thought out beliefs, and presented (according to his mother), a convincing argument. The table listened. When they shuffled out to continue the celebration, my nephew discovered they'd left him a $250 tip.

His family took it as a kudos that a man could stand up for his beliefs when he was such a minority among the majority who thought differently. Or, they could have felt sorry for the poor chap who was voting astray.

*Our Chinese exchange student was thrilled over Trump's victory. His teacher explained why he was thrilled: "He anticipated greater Chinese/American exchanges especially with regards to education and openness. He also said Hillary wants us all to be equal but they are trying very hard to stand apart and improve themselves and their condition."

*"I've been stewing all day trying to figure out where the Trump vote was coming from.  I really was in shock about the whole thing.  I couldn't believe that it was purely a "Just Not Hillary" vote and it is so hard for me to think that people would support the kind of person who Trump appears to be...Maybe there is a cross-section of the country that is tired of being told they are racist and unfeeling and over-privileged and somehow Donald Trump tapped into that."

*"In addition to the economic issues in Michigan, Ohio and areas in the coal industry were purposely oppressed in order to elevate what has been considered more environmentally friendly resources. This is a great idea but was not governed by market forces rather it has been artificially propped up by tax payer money (remember Solyndra) which is also why Silicon Valley was so desperate to keep a Democrat in office...Additionally, Florida is perhaps reacting to the loosening of the Cuban embargo Obama has pushed which could make them sitting ducks for another missile-like crisis which does not seem to be beyond their leaderships capacity especially considering the raising of tensions with Putin which Obama has inspired."

*While picking tomatoes with my granddaughter, SHE brings up the election!---and happens to mention that Trump must have won because the opposition killed people---what have we done to our children?!?

*Another acquaintance is part of an email thread that credits prayer to the election of Trump. The prayers started in Jerusalem...

*The next class, we watched Trump's acceptance speech, Hillary's concession speech, and President Obama's Come Together speech. Differences were made clear, but everyone was conciliar. They love America, want the best for America. The three most important people of the hour gave us hope. Thank you. 

Last night, we happened on a short clip from Lesley Stahl's 60 Minutes interview that will air on Sunday. Donald Trump and his family looked sober and humble. Trump's hubris seemed to have gone the way of dead warriors. 

The show is over, the reality of responsibility, the work begins.

God Bless America.