Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Other Woman

Tony has a beautiful, younger sister who shares his passion for sports. They also share the same genes and descended from some hearty stock: Montana ranchers, Park City miners and Basque sheepherders. The size of their rock-hard calves is epic!

Because of these shared traits, they have some fun traditions. Foremost is their passion for college football. Watching football for hours is unfathomable to me; I can't even stand the background noise of television football, let alone a four hour football game sitting on rock hard benches in a rain poncho. For this, I am grateful to Val, his sister.

For the past decade or so, my husband has had his sister, a friend, to share these all-important moments with. I am forever grateful to her. Their traditions include eating out before games and after games. She buys the tickets; he buys the meal. He buys the tickets; she buys the meal.

Because of their super-genes, they also share a physical endurance that leaves me in the dust. If I'm out of town, he always has a pickleball competitor. She doesn't wear out after four games either. I think their pickleball playing record stands at four hours and begs to be broken.

Recently, my daughter's employer came to her with a troubled look on his face. He's a good man who cares about his employees and their families.

"I'm concerned," he said. "That your husband hangs around with and films a certain young woman (who is often in a bikini)."

My daughter's husband is a filmmaker.

My daughter smiled. "It's his little sister."

The endodontist sighed with relief.

"His little sister just created a youtube channel (zoelazerson) and he does her films."

Now, the endodontist could smile.

My husband and his sister frequently run into people who know both of us and they too have that endodontist look.

"Hi," he quickly realizes the strange glances at the other woman and adds, "Oh, I'd like you to meet my sister."

The person sighs and smiles.