Wednesday, September 21, 2016

When A Snake Crosses Your Path

I froze. I backed up. I assessed the situation the best I could. Is it a poisonous snake? A rattle snake? I'm alone on this trail; what would I do if it struck?

Not an expert in reptiles, it was probably a harmless garden snake and all my fears were a little dramatic. fears were real because I didn't know what I was up against or the potential threat of the slithering creature.

I find it rare, in any worthwhile endeavor, that a snake doesn't cross my path, and in these cases, the snake has been a contrary colleague, a stubborn child, a comment taken the wrong way. I usually freeze, back-up and assess the situation to the best of my ability, and just like the literal snake on the path, the perceived threat to success is a harmless one indeed.

So...I took its picture, backed up and made a giant leap to insure if it did strike, I was far above its treacherous threatening venomous fangs. When I made that leap, it scurried back into the brush, more afraid of me than I ever was of it...usually the case for obstacles or snakes that try to stand in our way.