Friday, September 9, 2016

The Photo Sharing Chair

"Tony!" I yell from my study to his, "I need to tell you about my day."

It takes twenty five steps for me to stand up from my desk and walk down the hall to Tony's study, yet it's easier to yell. Sometimes it feels like there's a 10k distance between us, but tonight, he appears in the doorway within seconds of my call. When he sits in the big purple comfy chair, I move in next to him.

When the children were little, I seemed to only buy chairs where a child and I could sit comfortably together to read books. Tonight, the chair is a perfect fit for two adults, and when I realize this, I remember the photos I took and can't wait to share. I show him all the photos; in doing so, it brings back the emotion of an experience that only ended a few hours earlier. I am filled with gratitude for such an auspicious day, and gratitude for the association with tremendous students encircled by glistening rays of the sun.

Last night we met in the park for Tony's department's annual fall pizza party. The party has an extended-family standing-invite, and each year we look forward to a beautiful night with no worries of food prep and clean-up. When Grandpa Tony started flying the children, my daughter had forgotten her camera and asked to use mine. When I pulled out my phone looking for other photos, I found these treasures from the night before. The only thing missing was Tony~~to share in the joy~~that will tonight in the big purple comfy chair.