Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bright Eyes

Last year, Tony was asked to reconfigure and re-haul a freshman computer class. There are 1000 students enrolled in three sections and out of this ginormous number, he has one of my seniors from last year. One out of a thousand.

Yet, this isn't just any run of the mill, one in a thousand old high school students.

I've known his dad for years and one day he sent an email asking for my opinion about the school, because his son needed a change. At the beginning of the year, the young man was a typical student, but as time passed, he moved from the back of the class to the front and his eyes continually lit up with epiphanies, curiosities and brilliant thought. He often sat on the edge of his seat.

I passed this student on to my husband; yes, I take credit because how else would he have known the young man among thousands. My husband now has the joy of his company; he is part of a group of students who after class surround the professor, bringing those extra questions, their inquisitiveness, those shining bright eyes.

When Tony tells me about the students who line up, his voice cracks and he tears up. Another student who joins the after-class gathering, carries his ukelele and while everyone asks and listens, the young man serenades. It brings an ambiance to Computer Science heretofore unknown to the old professor.

As we listen to one another's stories, we're kind of floating, because we realize how blessed we've been and how blessed we are: there's nothing better than the association of people who want to learn.