Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Beautiful Saturday Morning

It's a beautiful Saturday morning, though a tad bit chilly at 7:00 a.m.

Most people should still be tucked tight and sleeping unless they have a job, or a baby, maybe an early soccer game or a garage sale! Yes, just up the street, my neighbors are moving and loading boxes to take to a busy corner for a garage sale.

Last night, Tony and I carried a dresser, a nightstand, and fit it into the back of the SUV. I cleaned out a few closets, made a sacrifice or two--but for the most part, it was a chance to clean house with hopes that my extra would be someone else's treasure.

When I first pull next to the corner lot, my friend is putting up tables all alone. It doesn't look like it will be much of an operation. I help her, we unload furniture and arrange the clothing.

Ah...another truck pulls up full of hopefully valuable goods. It's the uncle of Lucy!

I make another run to the house for another stack of goods. I pause for breakfast then return. This time, the garage sale has a few customers and quite a few more goods and more trucks are backing up--one with a brand-new-looking fridge. It looks like Grandpa might be here too; he's wearing a bright green shirt with a shamrock and white lettering that reads: Love for Lucy.

A woman sells watches, a customer wants to know "How much?" Vans pull out, children rummage through toys. I want to hurry home and empty out my house to support the cause.

It's a beautiful Saturday morning; the sun is up and the temperature has barely reached 52 degrees; but my heart is on fire. All of us are here for a four year old girl, for her family. She was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor--she will not live, but the medicine to alleviate her suffering is too expensive for her family to afford. In the words of my industrious friend, "I don't have $1000 to give, but I can help organize a garage sale."

The love and warmth I feel on a cool morning, standing on a weed-filled empty lot~~~there's no place I'd rather be.