Monday, September 19, 2016

A Bad Tune

A young acquaintance of mine walks into the fridge at the grocery store where he is employed, counts to ten, returns to the customer and says, "No. We don't have anymore."

The customer thanks the store employee for checking.

Employee feels no remorse.

I however, am stunned.

"You mean, every time the grocery store shelf is empty of a product I want to buy, and I ask an employee if there are any more, he or she goes to the back of the store, or to the refrigerator, counts to ten, returns to tell me, "Sorry, we're all out?"

"Yes," he replies. "Everyone does it."

He recognizes my horror and interjects, "It's because we've learned that if it's not on the shelf, it probably isn't in the back of the store or in the fridge."

This is a reasonable justification but, his previous words ring like a bad tune in my mind.

Everyone does it.

If ever I find myself acting or doing because everyone's doing it, it may be the very reason to change course.