Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Spectacle of Greetings

Her name was Patty and she allowed my funny little child to come to her house and pick one rose a day--for as many days as were left in the season.

Her name was Lisa and she went out of her way to talk with my daughter, to ask her about her injuries, to suggest a treatment.

Her name was Mindy and she went out of her way to make the daughter who wasn't confident, feel like she was her best friend.

She was my Aunt Esther and every time I walked into her house, she'd grin and say "Well hello there Patty."

It's why I greet my grandchildren with gusto. Why I make a fuss over the shy boy who had to change to another class and teacher. As I explained to his teacher after making a spectacle over losing him, "I think it's great Davey's in your class, I just wanted him to know that I'd miss him." Cause it was best for Davey.

Tony and I were sitting on the floor playing with 16 month old Theo, when his dad walked in from a bike ride. The little guy started yelling "Daddy," with tremendous delight. He toddled over into his father's arms who couldn't resist picking up the guy who'd given him such a welcome home. I saw my son-in-law's face light up.

After 30+ years of marriage, Tony and I hardly acknowledge each other's comings or goings, and it has me thinking I need to make a change.