Sunday, August 14, 2016

How Do Teachers Feel A Week Before School Starts?

It's 10:53 a.m. and I'm sitting in front of my computer writing, in my pajamas. Breakfast was un-rushed, alfresco, and not in my car while trying to make the green light.

It's a luxury I do not take for granted, for like you, still in your pajamas at 11:00, it will end soon. Too soon, and for teachers, a week before you.

Yesterday, when I was invited for a double feature movie, Nerve at 5:00, dinner, ice cream, then Suicide Squad at 8:25, I indulged--didn't go to bed until after midnight and slept in until 8:30. This extended Friday night is a rite of passage before school, before the discipline, the responsibility and the tremendous focus begins.

In answer to the question How Do Teachers Feel A Weak Before School Starts? I'd say we don't feel a whole lot different than most of you.

We're scared and though we're older and seasoned, those back to school feelings return as if it were our first day in high school too.  We're making sacrifices too, some with joy and some with feet-dragging resistance. We wonder about new friends, new challenges, and discoveries.

Here is where we may differ:

Almost every other day, I check our rolls to see how the class is stacking up. Who's moved? Who's added? Ahh, I know will he affect the class chemistry? Ahh...I know her; she's sharp. Will she make great contributions to the conversation after reading the literature? Who will I have to coax, who will be the next Devin G? The Eliza C? The Patrick M? The Nike F? The Hollis B? The Sam Carl A?  The Austin-Randy? The James H? Will she come out of her shell? Will he gain confidence as a senior?

How can I help them all reach their potential? I am standing on the edge of a diamond mine with an open invitation to discover all the wealth, beauty, and value of the diamonds within. I am expected to polish those diamonds. I am required to help them shine. I rejoice in this gift.

And unlike you...I have a bit more fun deciding what I will wear (the students in my school wear uniforms).

**In helping to change the focus to your back-in-school self, what is the misused word, or the incorrect homonym in the piece?