Friday, July 29, 2016


"All four of us were sitting in the car on a dark road."

I'm not sure where this is going but the speaker is one of the most trusted individuals I know.

"A flying aircraft came swooping down and landed in front of us, but only for a few seconds, and then it was gone."

He's absolutely sure it was an advanced aircraft not found on our planet. After thirty years, he stands by his story.

One of the sharpest students I've ever had was traveling at night, returning to college. A distinct aircraft flew past, landed in the desert, then disappeared. She stands by her story of seeing an other worldly object.

Wednesday night, after finishing the sixth episode of the sci-fi series "Stranger Things," we turned off the lights and headed for bed. But first, I gathered up the laundry basket and Tony picked up the kitchen garbage to take it outside. I took the clothes to the deep corner of the house, our closet and only faintly heard Tony's voice. I walked towards the window and heard him yell--but I missed the meaning. It's not like Tony to walk outside and yell past 11:00 p.m, so I headed down the stairs where my daughter said, "Dad yelled for you to look outside." Three of us started calling for Tony wondering what had happened.

When we couldn't find him and he didn't answer, I worried he was in danger. But ships we were, passing in the night. When we came out the deck door, he had just entered through the garage door. When we met up seconds later, his demeanor was on fire in a way I didn't recognize.

"You should have seen it!" Tony takes me to the edge of the deck where he points to the starting point of the distinct lights. "There was an explosion in the atmosphere and it traveled across the sky, went over the mountain and disappeared. It was bright greens and blues. I've never seen anything like it. It was as if an aircraft was breaking up."

I did think about the coincidence of having just finished a sci-fi movie, but Tony is the most honest, non-delusional person I know. He wasn't imagining what he had just seen. His adrenaline was still pumping; he was still in awe of the celestial event. As he described how the "aircraft made it across the entire sky," I pointed out that it couldn't have been close to the earth. It had to be far away. As the person in our marriage with the runaway imagination, I was immediately convinced he'd seen a UFO or a heavenly event for which there would be no explanation---ever.

I did however convince him to call the police.

"Not the 9-11 emergency, just the regular line," I persisted, "If it were as big as you say it was, someone else had to have seen it and reported it."

Tony, of sound mind, called the police. Just to inform them.

"No sir, I don't have any information about this incident."

"It happened in the sky."

"Well sir, we don't take care of things that happen in the sky."

Tony stammered and couldn't wait to hang up before they traced the call and sent the paddy wagon.

When I woke the next morning at 6:40, I jumped out of bed when I thought there might be news of the sky extravaganza. If there wasn't, I was right. If there was, we'd both be happy. I checked the local newspapers first. Nothing. Uh huh I thought, space beings are real and they've hidden the truth. Tony saw the real deal and he'll never be validated. He'll always wonder.

But then,  but then....a CNN link: Mysterious Lights Streaking Across Sky Create Social Media Maelstrom.

Hooray! It wasn't just Tony who alone saw the unexplained phenomenon and would be left to wonder his entire life. He would join the ranks of those people who see things.

There's nothing better than knowing someone else saw it, felt it, heard it.

Postscript: As I sort through the mail, I find several different wedding invitations--the ultimate in shared experience--knowing someone else saw it, felt it, heard it~~enough to seal the deal.