Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Secretary

I have been asked to be the secretary in the children's organization in my church.

If anyone knows me well, they know I am not a secretary but the kind of person who needs a secretary...desperately.

I have lofty ideas, a messy desk and a mind that leaps from lily pad to lily pad. I learn how to use google docs when necessary, but don't remember how to use it when I need it six months later. I will go to the garden to plant spinach and end up weeding the grass. I may run down to the kitchen to switch the racks of sweet potatoes and can't find the hot pad--until I return to the computer.

I ask my children, "What's the most unlikely calling in the church I could ever get"

They make a few stabs and finally hit the mark. Then they laugh. I laugh.

But here's the deal. God's promises are greater than my foibles and shortcomings. His promise is to make us better than we are when we align with his word, his commandments, and his callings to church positions. I'll have to work harder at this church job than any other. But God never asks without giving ten fold, and so I cling to the promise that accompanies the forgetting of myself --it is that~~ God will turn our weaknesses into strengths if we have faith and abide in him.