Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Teach Me

I  brought home chocolate bars from France. Included in the bundle, was a majority of dark chocolate, and which I was excited to share with my family.

"Do you know how to eat dark chocolate?" My twenty-three year old son-in-law asked.

In that split second critical moment of response, the tiny, emotional, Inside Out workers in my brain, grasped onto the decision making components in the frontal lobes and pushed and shoved to create a mind shift.

"Teach me," I said.

Two words, one phrase that changed the moment and would change my dark chocolate eating experiences for the rest of my life.

As an older-than-him woman with some life experience, it would have been easier to say, "Yes, I do." Who doesn't know how to eat dark chocolate?

Instead, I opened the door to learn from an amateur expert, "I went to a chocolate tasting class (he has my attention), and the chocolate taster is supposed to put the chocolate on his tongue and let it dissolve. I used to crunch it up in my mouth and I never liked dark chocolate. This way, the three layers of dark chocolate dissolve one at a time giving a three layered experience."

I slow-melted the chocolate on my tongue.

"You're right."

In accepting his invitation to learn, to be taught, I created a new neural pathway.

I can't wait to say to my students, "Teach me."