Friday, July 1, 2016

An Afternoon At the Tuilleries in a Reclining Garden Chair

After a morning of art and an afternoon at Le Souffle, Tony and I walk in the Tuilleries Park. The weather is in the low 70s, the sun peaks out enough to make it warm, then hides to cool it off. We pull into two green chairs under a shade tree for a moment of calm and reflection. We are reclining in the park of queens and kings.

After reading a family text thread, in which one daughter needed advice from her sisters, we read the wisdom, the love, the support and we are thankful for our daughters. To have such joy in such unique surroundings.

What a moment of grandeur and happiness!

We look around us, and see a painting-worthy scene in ever direction. What splendor! We want to share it with our daughters along with our deep feelings of gratitude and love.

Tony sends the text: Here is what we see when we look in different directions: 

It is early morning in America and after sending our photos, we get an almost immediate, unexpected text reply, "Here is the picture in my direction."

Forgive me dear son-in-law, you're not the gardens of Paris, but there is a certain charm in the shape of your open mouth breathing, your almost French looking moustache, and your deep, peaceful sleep.