Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Margo Is Here

One day earlier: Yesterday morning I walked into my closet and saw the suit I wore last Monday crumpled on the carpet. I hadn't even noticed it before this morning.

 It was in that moment, that I realized I'd shut off a whole week of my life and given it to worry, fear and craving of fried pickles, grilled cheese sandwiches and crepes.

Today: Newborn, new to the world, new to our family, Margo June was born. Thank goodness it was only a week of uncertainty about our granddaughter's life. Yet, I ponder a world of suffering that would be grateful for a one week limit.

The birth of a child can be so ordinary that we sometimes miss the miracle. When it isn't ordinary, we are reminded of the miracle.

Thank God for the little miracle that joined our family today.

I'd post a photo, but you know,....  newborn baby photos are only adorable to parents and grandparents--no matter how miraculous a baby may be.