Monday, May 23, 2016


A Book of Mormon prophet, Abinadi, testified of a certain people's wickedness--to that certain people. Not surprisingly, he was gravely unpopular and eventually died for his boldness.  But, it's what he had to do.

It is during this discussion of the prophet Abinadi, in Sunday school, that a woman shares her own Abinadi story.

She was an American exchange student in Germany and was out with the daughter of her host family when this daughter was verbally accosted by three boys. The boys kept speaking cruelly to the daughter, kept criticizing her.  The exchange student, now a woman, still remembers the feelings of discomfort. She knew the boys were wrong but felt powerless to stop the teasing. She reached the point where she could no longer tolerate the bullying. She had to act, but was terrified to do so.

She recalls, "I was leaning on what I knew was right."

I love this phrase, this surety.

While leaning on what she knew to be right, she stood and turned around to face the tormentors.

"Stop. Stop it right now."

She was surprised to see how her boldness to do what was right intimidated the cruel boys.

She was surprised by the outcome of leaning on what she knew to be right.

When the power of rightness is strong, it's like a mighty redwood. Leaning on a redwood is sure to keep us upright.