Monday, May 30, 2016


I'm standing at the Redbox movie rental outside Walgreens. I wait for a woman to pass who gets out of her car after me. The extra courtesy feels right, so when another couple saunters up, I tell them I'm not in a hurry; if they are, please go ahead.

"I'm just returning a movie," the young woman responds. She moves forward and while starting the process, a Walgreen's employee walks up to all of us and asks, "Would you like a free movie coupon?"

Yippee! A free movie.

I spend nine days helping my daughter. I cook, clean, forage for food, hold the new baby, play with and taxi around the three year old. With only four days left as the grandma nanny, I get an airline email notifying me of a first class upgrade. Wooohoo! First class luxury.

When cruising for a parking place along with a pile of other drivers, I acquiesce an open spot to another car, another person. I keep driving, searching, and find an even closer spot.

I dare you to try generous, and to see what happens.