Saturday, May 21, 2016

Crepes By the Dozens

Ever since scoring a secret crepe recipe smuggled out of France and finding a hidden Parisian shop with a crepe making tool made from a simple T of wood, crepe making has become my specialty.

All my years of mothering and homemaking and I never had a specialty. Really because I never wanted one. Never wanted to be obligated or have to go out of my way when I didn't want to or feel up to it.

Tony had a specialty, and I saw how it obligated him to Christmas Eve dinners and special get togethers by the requests for his perfected recipe of Kung Pao chicken.

Finally, I think I've mellowed enough to embrace my own specialty, and who would have thought it would be crepes.

The first grandchildren request for grandma-nanny was crepes for breakfast. I'd anticipated this and even brought two cans of squirt whipping cream.

All the little people were pleased with their petit dejeuner.

I've that found crepes aren't just for the little people in my family.

When one of my students needed $250 to finish his senior project of making blankets for an abuse therapy group, I thought of crepes.

Without thinking (proof it's become my specialty), I proposed to the class, "What if I made crepes and we sold them during the school's 30 minute mentoring session?" I asked. "If I could make 250 crepes..." Students jumped in with enthusiasm, "I'll bring plates." "Who'll bring nutella?" Who will help assemble?"

Over the next two nights,  I made 250 crepes and questioned my own craziness. But I kept my head to the griddle.

On the appointed morning, in 30 minutes we sold $251 worth of whipping cream/nutella crepes. The gang pitched in and peddled crepes to classes. I knew kids were hungry, but I didn't know it would be that easy. In the moment of success, I'd already forgotten all of the pre-work (more evidence of embracing my own specialty).

Previous to the crepe sale, I'd made 500 crepes for the senior breakfast (with a lot of help), made crepes for the AP breakfast, for the winterim breakfast. I look forward to helping out in the future with crepes.

My mom's specialty is making quilts and baby blankets. "Hey Mom, do you have an extra for a special friend?" "Of course."  Each granddaughter has received a graduation quilt and a wedding quilt.

For my neighbor, it's her signature Rolo filled brownies. She's filled requests for banquets, parties and girls' camp.

For the nice lady down the street, it's her homemade rolls. They've been auctioned, sold to help refugees and if you're in the inside circle, they're for Sunday dinner.

Food is such an easy specialty to define, but when I think of other people's gifts, I think of how far I fall short. I think of the biggies like compassion, kindness and unconditional love --all the things I want even more to be my specialties/gifts---and realize, crepes may be the price to pay for those greater gifts.