Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Fox In the Henhouse

They know how to get in, but they can't get themselves out.

This is the third time an animal has gotten stuck in the fenced off pool area. This time the big, furry guy, was lucky I'd stepped out on the deck to check on les abeilles (bees) below. Much to my surprise, this shy and frightened fellow, who is actually a big dog with a very deep bark, was hanging out in my yard. I talked to him, soothed him the whole way down two flights of stairs to set him free, all the while, a little nervous, that he might take a chunk out of his captor.

The first time a dog was trapped in the fenced off area, was the best. Story. Certainly not the best situation for Charlie the beagle, nor his worried family. The best part of the story was that Charlie, locked in my backyard, had barked on and off the previous night interrupting my sleep. I was irritated that someone let his dog bark through the night. As I was about to go to sleep the next night, the dog started his howls once again. People need to be more responsible pet owners! I thought. Then my heart softened as I tried to imagine a different scenario.Worried about a dog in the neighborhood being in possible danger, I decided to drive around to pinpoint from where the bark was coming from. Imagine my surprise when it was my own back yard!

Charlie's family had been praying for his safe return and Charlie's mom had been scouring the neighborhood, the lost pet ads, and the pound for days. The story reinforced the admonition to clean one's own backyard before one cleans someone else's, or the mote vs. the beam in one's eye.

The second caught animal was a sad-ending incident. It was a deer, and when it couldn't push the gate open, it leaped to its death over a spiked fence. If I can ever vote for Animal Control raises, I certainly will. Bless those men who were willing to come and cart the body away.

One morning, Tony and I found a deer stuck in our gate. It was a nervous baby and we were determined to set it free. We steered clear of his kicking hooves and pushed hard. He was free!

The incidents are few and far between, but there is a responsibility as a homeowner to keep this from happening again. I need to be more vigilant in checking to make sure the gates are secure. Dostoevsky said it well: Be kind to animals and children, for God gave them the beginnings of thought.

Yes, they got themselves in but they couldn't get themselves out.

Postscript: The past few nights and early mornings, someone in close proximity of our house, has repeatedly set off their car alarm, or the car alarm keeps going off on its own.

Or so I assume it is someone else's car.