Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Do You Love Literature? The Ladies' Literary Society Opening Gala 2016

Several years ago, I was invited to attend a Ladies' Literary Society in Connecticut. It boasted exclusive memberships and the oldest ladies' book club in Connecticut~~so old that at one time, did not allow Jewish women membership~~and probably other women of color and ethnicity. But the club had changed with the times and my host, well into her seventies, even pointed out the Jewish woman who now belonged, for which she was proud.

Isn't that what life is about? Change? Becoming better? More inclusive? The years pull away like the skin of an orange, and underneath, the sweet and the tender is revealed. Gone is the tough and bitter skin.

It is 2016 and I too belong to a Ladies' Literary Society. This coming Saturday is the opening gala, and so much thought and work has gone into this event, that I step back in amazement. That women would care so much to bring literary enlightenment to their community.

The speakers include a Keeper of ancient records. In the spirit of Roman Krznaric's book "Empathy," we have our own human library panel, each member has a story to tell. The musical entertainment is professional. The door prizes are books. Books will be the focus displays, each with a theme and a coordinating food. Food? Yes, guests are even invited to join us for lunch.

The Ladies' Lit Society members believe in the power of literature--enough to go to a lot of work and expense to create a beautiful event for the community. To lift a community. To bring the gift of literature~~the gift of beauty to anyone who is willing to partake.

And you are invited.***

***Please RSVP patma300@yahoo.com