Monday, March 21, 2016

Smarter Than You Think

Ezra convinces Grandpa to help him find his binky. The three year old's request seems reasonable, so Grandpa reaches high on the shelf and finds: the binky! It is then that Grandpa realizes it might be hidden and up-high for a reason.

Latest universal Manipulation child-over-adult count win:
Child: 1000000000000000000
Adult: 100000

Sebi starts closing his eyes in what I call his blind man's bluff game. He looks uncomfortable, even like he's in pain.  It alarms his parents and his grandma. The doctor and his auntie child psychologist are consulted. The consensus? Ignore the child. What?

If I hadn't had my own experience with my own two year old, I would have doubted the recommendation.  My once two-year-old child stopped breathing and passed out when things didn't go her way.

"What is wrong with her? What do I do?" I desperately consulted my pediatrician.

"Next time she's upset, walk out of the room."

"What?" I was incredulous.

He was nonchalant.

I resolved to give it a try.

Sure enough, the next tantrum, I walked my bleeding heart right out from under that child. And never again did she stop breathing and pass out while angry.

I'd scored another point for the adults in the child manipulation wars.