Friday, February 12, 2016

A Short Study on the Loss of Consciousness.

Tony and I share the laundry mowing. Yes, laundry is like the grass, seconds after cutting, it begins to grow again and less than a week later, we're out cutting the lawn again.

Tony had started a batch of whites, I moved them to the dryer and threw in towels. The towels sat in the washer for three days. When I opened the washer and saw the heap of still damp laundry, I shut of my consciousness, because I didn't want to wastefully wash them again. I switched them to the dryer not taking time to smell what I'd neglected. When the dryer finished, Tony shut off his consciousness and smelled, and convinced himself that they were probably okay. I collaborated and didn't sniff the towels.

But.........when I finished my shower this morning and started to dry off my body, I smelled that repulsive odor. It was cold, there were no other towels in the bathroom, so I shut down my consciousness and here I am sitting fully dressed in a nice business suit smelling my moldy self.

A few weeks ago, I sat at a little girl's basketball game and took a minute to peruse the fellow game watchers in the bleachers. Half the people were down-headed engrossed in their phone.

I've noticed the same scenario while sitting in church.

In my own classroom, I've shut down my own consciousness when a student here or there will pull out his/her phone and appear to be texting. I've ignored it because I've justified, he's taking notes or looking up a word. In the past few days, I've noticed an increase in visible phones. One was hidden in the pages of a book, but for the most part, students have become unconscious of their blatant use. They've become unconscious of the rules. I am as much a part of this unconsciousness as they are.

When the third reich set their lofty, unconscious heights on a thousand year reign, they knew where to start the propaganda: with the youth.

The French village that resisted, that refused to give up their consciousness became aware of a visitor who was in charge of teaching the youth of France to give up their consciences, and they resisted his rhetoric with speeches, a letter of determination and other well planned strategies to fight the would be thief.

They resisted the easier way to unconsciousness. They put a cog in the wheel of an entire nation that went unconscious.

Their success in fighting off that paralysis, in dissipating the fog of doubt, was their first major accomplishment during the (German) Occupation, and this success opened up the way for everything else they did during the four years of the Occupation. Their next accomplishment came shortly after the first.

Today I am conscious. I am challenging, even reprimanding my students to not let modern technology steal their collective consciousness. They need to take a stand and I need to stand with them.

Because the class consciousness begins with me, I am collecting their phones. Until they become conscious again. Actually, I will not collect their phones. I trust that personal consciousness is heightened when individuals make choices for themselves.